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Elemental Integration!

I am Blair Sylvan Grey, a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1999.

I am excited to announce that my 5 Element workshop sharing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times was a great success.  I will certainly be doing another in the winter.

Please see my blog for more information about topics, times and the location.  Space is limited.

Besides my usual services, I am now offering house calls/ herb deliveries for the cold/flu season and phone consults to offer perspective on, well… anything.  Now is the time to nourish your immune system.

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Sharing personal insights applying Elemental Wisdom

Greetings, just sharing how the elements can help us learn about ourselves, our patterns and our journey.  This is a personal reflection of my own experience as to how I block my growth by judging myself.   Just wanted to share as we are all in our own stews... so to...

Workshop details:

Elemental Integration Workshops for Wellness:Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. Dates and Times (Please check this site as weather and life seems to have plans be another opportunity to laugh!) February 11, Saturday: 2-4pm March 11, Saturday: 2-4pm April 11, Tuesday:...

5 Element Workshops to help us navigate these stressful times.

Elemental Integration Workshops for Wellness:
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times.

Dates and Times (Please check this site as weather and life seems to have plans be another opportunity to laugh!)

February 11, Saturday: 2-4pm
March 11, Saturday: 2-4pm
April 11, Tuesday: 2-4pm

Location: 1519 Upper Canyon Rd, #5
(Directions on bar above)
Sliding scale $20-40

Please contact me with an RSVP as space is limited.

My vision for these gatherings is to offer relevant information to the season we are in, the correspondences between our physical bodies and emotional/mental aspects are the most supportive. Each class I will share tools that include essential oils, foods, acupressure protocols to assist with balancing the elements within us all. The dates chosen happen to be close to the lunar eclipses this spring so I also, if there is interest, would love to give a brief synopsis of the astrology we as a collective and as individuals are experiencing each month. These times are tremendously transformative and it feels so necessary for us all to learn how to harmonize ourselves, as chaos and the Unknown are so dominant in the world around us. Chinese medicine is truly an integrative holistic philosophy that the Ancients based upon the importance of each being’s relationship with “Heaven and Earth”. Our learning to flow with these changing and stressful times is key to living in balance.

These groups may be ongoing and monthly if there is an interest. (If such is the case I can keep them to Saturdays 2-4pm)
I may offer a more general workshop that is seasonal with the elements and less individually supportive.
Please share your ideas, suggestions, etc… as I am open as to how I may serve.

Let me know if you would like to participate in a monthly gathering that has no more than 9 people or if you would like to simply learn about the 5 Elements and how to balance them. (Contact info on bar above)

If there is more interest in a 5 Element Workshop, we are able to use the “We the People Community Acupuncture” clinic but that would change the times

Root Alchemy Acupuncture  is my private practice located on Upper Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Individual sessions are available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

5 Element Wellness Consultations  –  may include  Essential Oil Custom Blends, Flower and Gem Essences for Emotional Balancing, Dietary Advice for Chronic Illnesses.. to name a few perspectives shared. (Phone sessions and recorded sessions available)

Mercury’s Muse: Intuitive Readings that offer Grounded and Practical perspective to any aspect of life!  May include: Astrology, Tarot, Runes, wind whispers… whatever arises to assist you.

Another’s perspective is an invaluable resource for those whom seek integration during times of transition and wish to thrive in their daily lives.  My service usually is a combination of all of the above!

Please visit links above or call 505-699-4188 to make an appointment or inquire about my services.

Keep Calm and Sparkle!

Elemental Integration, LLC

1519/1521 Upper Canyon Rd.
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