Acupuncture, Astrology, Wellness Integration and Sparkles!

Collaborative Expansion

Greetings with warm Winter wishes as the Solstice marks a bringing of the light.   May 2020 embark us all upon soulful journeys of authentic, transparent and liberating expression.  Grateful for all whom have been, and continue to be… patient with my creating groups and at some point online courses to nourish the soul!!!    May your Beingness Ignite Delight as that is the medicine so craved by all!

2019 has been a provocative year… one of clarifying as to what hinders our growth and liberation.    It is poignant that the last week of this year is truly launching us into the opportunity of a new engagement with ourselves, if we feel so drawn.   I know I am grateful for all the intensity of last year and welcome this next decade understanding it is not going to mellow out.   Rather I am hearing within my own water wisdom….   slow down, breathe, be the calm that you seek.   It is a challenge as so much polarity rattles our stillness.  As the matrix – that which is outside of ourselves – and the collective seems to be battling for a shifting of values, of how we measure “worth” – what was nourishing no longer seems to have that capacity.   Well, this is my experience.   I share as if such resonates you too are being beckoned through another threshold of birthing.   Authentic expression yearns to break free of my own constructs and self doubts as NOW is the time to serve and to create in a whole new paradigm of exchange.   

In these last few months I have been blessed by the most magical of serendipitous meetings… as had prayed for deepening my community roots, expanding my capacity to serve, and collaborating with amazing beings in creative ways to inspire others to shine brightly.   My guidance had me write up my healing philosophy as it has evolved in these challenging last 4 years.   I imagine many of you relate? You are not who your were in 2010… and do you feel that your path is only beginning to embark upon a new trajectory?   If so you are not alone!

I am so jubilant to announce some of these collaborations that are arising…

1/15/20 Wed, 6-8 pm.       Salt, Scents and Self-Care.       Contact the SF Salt Cave to sign up


I will be sharing the sacred Santa Fe Salt Cave that was created with the vision and passion of Kim Rash, a fellow traveler on the journey of knowing Self.    

It will be an evening of listening and experiencing ways to slow down and nourish one’s core in these tumultuous times of change.    Experience the sacred healing powers of Himalayan salt, the powerful allies of essential oils that offer balance to our nervous systems in these activating times.  I will create oils that specifically assist each being to harmonize as we look into the 5 elements of Chinese medical wisdom.   Everyone will receive an acupuncture chart of where to apply these oils as an opportunity to listen within and reset with their own innate guidance.   This seems to be the way to manage the stress due to the tornado of energies… to BE the calm within… and to actively engage with ourselves as often as needed throughout each day.   

Upcoming will be another fabulous event supporting our immediate ways of nourishment…   Kate Wheeler and I are so excited to team up again and share the power and healing of herbs and spices.    This will take place at Savory and Spice that is located in downtown Santa Fe.  Keep posted for theme of Winter healing foods for replenishing the adrenals and our constant state of fatigue.   We are invited to be vigilant with our self care on all levels. 

Savory and Spice

225 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87501


I also have recently been blessed by my own teacher, guide and pup adviser, Gaia Richards.  We are inspired to create a workshop with dog owners whom wish to truly understand what their 4-legged gurus are offering them each as mirrors.   Part of my intense journey this last year was the introduction of sibling healer pups to my peaceful vortex.   Well, it has been the most amazing experience as I have never had dogs that truly I have to be the calm grounded present one.   I am so grateful for the guidance and understanding as I truly grok it is up to me to hold space and to do so I am invited to truly learn and observe their reflections of my own being .   Thus Gaia has been a heartfelt ally on this journey as I learn how I may assist these beloved beings thrive in honor of their breed, upbringing… and the gifts each hold for my own evolution. 505-316-3442

Besides these collaborations I will be offering a monthly gathering to deeply explore essential oils and how these magical essences can offer assistance at this time.   I have studied with amazing teachers over the last 20 years and feel the time is now to create a space where I can share this wisdom.  These workshops will be on the last Saturdays of each month from 1-2:30.  I will post on this Facebook page (lol… a total challenge to my hermit non-tech self) and on my blog at my website     More info and specifics will be upcoming.

May you all defy the chaos and discover with each day a sacred replenishment and connection within.   We are are the change we seek in the world.  Shine Brightly… Be You.

Spring Launchings 2018… Wood Element seeks Freedom

Greetings Fellow Travelers,  Spring is in the air… but Winter always seems to be lurking and reminding us to not rush the seeds we have been inspired to plant:)   After a very profound and potent “Winter time” of reflection and reframing, I have decided that accommodating insurance companies does not align with how I wish to serve my patients.   I always feel our journeys are linked and as I observe so many struggling to honor their value and worth in a society that expects us to be robots… it has had me redefine my own value.   My practice is a reflection of my capacity to be authentic in my service to each patient’s needs, and so my time is dedicated to educate and to inspire a new way of being as a “wellness model” that is NOT valued by what insurance is willing to pay.   There are plenty of clinics that are set up to see 3-4 patients at a time… that is how the acupuncturists are able to afford to serve.  That is not my style, as I feel part of my service is to hold space for what is presenting itself and deepen the capacity for the patient to find balance within.

Balancing our Being during Stressful Times

WOW – these last weeks have been a “Shock and Awe” on our nervous systems for sure!   The onslaught of so much at once… all the Unknowns – and the terrifying awareness of where this all “could” be heading has had most of us kick into overwhelm.  The polarization is seemingly at its max and we are left to try to unwind, ground and nourish… but it is a challenge as the “collective” is so unhinged.

Symptoms to look for that suggest your “activist” requires some TLC!

Insomnia, Teeth-grinding, Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, Neck and Back tension, Nausea, Digestive disturbance, Headaches, Colds or Flus that last for weeks, Inability to Calm the Mind, Anxiety, or any of your own system’s vulnerabilities that have been activated!

Here are some thoughts:  Nourish the Activist Within

Workshop details:

Elemental Integration Workshops for Wellness:Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times.

Dates and Times (Please check this site as weather and life seems to have plans be another opportunity to laugh!)

February 11, Saturday: 2-4pm

March 11, Saturday: 2-4pm

April 11, Tuesday: 2-4pm

Location: 1519 Upper Canyon Rd, #5

(Directions on bar above)

Sliding scale $20-40

Please contact me with an RSVP as space is limited.   I also would like to send out questionnaires beforehand.

My vision for these gatherings is to offer relevant information to the season we are in, the correspondences between our physical bodies and emotional/mental aspects are the most supportive. Each class I will share tools that include essential oils, foods, acupressure protocols to assist with balancing the elements within us all.   The dates chosen happen to be close to the lunar eclipses this spring so I also, if there is interest, would love to give a brief synopsis of the astrology we as a collective and as individuals are experiencing each month.   These times are tremendously transformative and it feels so necessary for us all to learn how to harmonize ourselves, as chaos and the Unknown are so dominant in the world around us.   Chinese medicine is truly an integrative holistic philosophy that the Ancients based upon the importance of each being’s relationship with “Heaven and Earth”.   Our learning to flow with these changing and stressful times is key to living in balance.

These groups may be ongoing and monthly if there is an interest. (If such is the case I can keep them to Saturdays 2-4pm)

I may offer a more general workshop that is seasonal with the elements and less individually supportive.

Please share your ideas, suggestions, etc… as I am open as to how I may serve.

Let me know if you would like to participate in a monthly gathering that has no more than 9 people or if you would like to simply learn about the 5 Elements and how to balance them. (Contact info on bar above)

If there is more interest in a 5 Element Workshop, we are able to use the “We the People Community Acupuncture” clinic but that would change the times and would be on Saturday early evenings.

Elemental Integration, LLC

1519/1521 Upper Canyon Rd.
Studio 5
Santa Fe, 87501