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Balancing our Being during Stressful Times

WOW – these last weeks have been a “Shock and Awe” on our nervous systems for sure!   The onslaught of so much at once… all the Unknowns – and the terrifying awareness of where this all “could” be heading has had most of us kick into overwhelm.  The polarization is seemingly at its max and we are left to try to unwind, ground and nourish… but it is a challenge as the “collective” is so unhinged.

Symptoms to look for that suggest your “activist” requires some TLC!

Insomnia, Teeth-grinding, Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, Neck and Back tension, Nausea, Digestive disturbance, Headaches, Colds or Flus that last for weeks, Inability to Calm the Mind, Anxiety, or any of your own system’s vulnerabilities that have been activated!

Here are some thoughts:  Nourish the Activist Within

Workshop details:

Elemental Integration Workshops for Wellness:Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times.

Dates and Times (Please check this site as weather and life seems to have plans be another opportunity to laugh!)

February 11, Saturday: 2-4pm

March 11, Saturday: 2-4pm

April 11, Tuesday: 2-4pm

Location: 1519 Upper Canyon Rd, #5

(Directions on bar above)

Sliding scale $20-40

Please contact me with an RSVP as space is limited.   I also would like to send out questionnaires beforehand.

My vision for these gatherings is to offer relevant information to the season we are in, the correspondences between our physical bodies and emotional/mental aspects are the most supportive. Each class I will share tools that include essential oils, foods, acupressure protocols to assist with balancing the elements within us all.   The dates chosen happen to be close to the lunar eclipses this spring so I also, if there is interest, would love to give a brief synopsis of the astrology we as a collective and as individuals are experiencing each month.   These times are tremendously transformative and it feels so necessary for us all to learn how to harmonize ourselves, as chaos and the Unknown are so dominant in the world around us.   Chinese medicine is truly an integrative holistic philosophy that the Ancients based upon the importance of each being’s relationship with “Heaven and Earth”.   Our learning to flow with these changing and stressful times is key to living in balance.

These groups may be ongoing and monthly if there is an interest. (If such is the case I can keep them to Saturdays 2-4pm)

I may offer a more general workshop that is seasonal with the elements and less individually supportive.

Please share your ideas, suggestions, etc… as I am open as to how I may serve.

Let me know if you would like to participate in a monthly gathering that has no more than 9 people or if you would like to simply learn about the 5 Elements and how to balance them. (Contact info on bar above)

If there is more interest in a 5 Element Workshop, we are able to use the “We the People Community Acupuncture” clinic but that would change the times and would be on Saturday early evenings.

Classes: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

“Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times” –

Practical applications of 5 Element Chinese Medicine.

Classes Start Fall 2016 at We the People Community Acupuncture.

First Thursdays at 10:30am.  Second Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Each Element is considered a fundamental building block and the 5 Elements express a medical and spiritual philosophy that is inherent within the 4,500 year history of Chinese Medicine. The Elements represent the “phases” of life; the seasons, our life journey, the flow of energy that courses through our bodies and the heavens, likened to fractals, they offer an understanding of how we may find balance within this dance, for As Above, So Below. The phases are the dynamic nature of the cyclical relationships of these fundamental building blocks. These classes are designed to help you understand how the applications of acupuncture, herbs, foods, essential oils, tai chi, meditation, and many other holistic examples, may support you on the journey to wellness.  The 5 Elements is a system of correspondences that help us make sense of the patterns of nature and that is the heart of Chinese Medicine.   The profound depth and intricacy of this medical model offers time-tested wisdom to PREVENT illness, or issues becoming chronic. Empower yourself to flourish and embody your unique vitality!

Each season Blair will offer wisdom from this holistic integrative system of inter-relationships so that each may learn ways to live in balance with the stress of modern life and cultivate a deeper self-care.  Please contact me if wish to learn more, or have any suggestions.

Fall – Metal Classes

Fall – Metal Classes

This season’s classes will cover the METAL Element.  It corresponds to the Lungs: governs Rhythmic Order, Letting in and Letting Out, the Large Intestine: governs Transformation and Change, Autumn, the ‘Qi” – or energy of the body,  Capacity to Organize, Inspiration… to name a few of the aspects we will discuss.

Symptoms of METAL imbalance include: Allergies, Bronchitis, Dry Skin, Weak Immunity, Fatigue, Edema, Pain in shoulders and upper back, OCD, Self-Critique, Rigidity, Perfectionism and the Inability to Let Go.bimonthly-wellness-class-flyer-metal-fall-2016-v3

These classes will help you understand more about these physical, mental and emotional imbalances and how they are related to each of the 5 Elements, as well as an Element’s spiritual virtue and their “personality”.

Blair intends to share practical support to help you integrate these insights with seasonally appropriate herbs, foods, essential oils and life skills.  She will help you to learn to identify when an element is in balance, excessive, deficient or dysfunctional.

Please note Blair will not be diagnosing anyone, as a thorough intake is required, but will be able to offer suggestions when medically appropriate.

Hourly classes begin this month: the first Thursday 11/3 at 10:30 am and the second Wednesday, 11/9 at 5:30 pm.   Donations appreciated.  Bring writing materials if wish to take notes.


Elemental Integration, LLC

1519/1521 Upper Canyon Rd.
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