Greetings Fellow Travelers,  Spring is in the air… but Winter always seems to be lurking and reminding us to not rush the seeds we have been inspired to plant:)   After a very profound and potent “Winter time” of reflection and reframing, I have decided that accommodating insurance companies does not align with how I wish to serve my patients.   I always feel our journeys are linked and as I observe so many struggling to honor their value and worth in a society that expects us to be robots… it has had me redefine my own value.   My practice is a reflection of my capacity to be authentic in my service to each patient’s needs, and so my time is dedicated to educate and to inspire a new way of being as a “wellness model” that is NOT valued by what insurance is willing to pay.   There are plenty of clinics that are set up to see 3-4 patients at a time… that is how the acupuncturists are able to afford to serve.  That is not my style, as I feel part of my service is to hold space for what is presenting itself and deepen the capacity for the patient to find balance within.