Elemental Integration

Online or Phone Consultations


Phone Consults for…  Questions about Anything: $1 a minute ($20 minimum)

Contact me to set up a time. Paypal or check an option.

Need help with flu?  Child diagnosed with ADD?  Struggle with IBS, headaches, insomnia, or just life pressures and wish for dietary support for your individual needs?  Curious about astrology, tarot and how they may offer insights to help you with current struggles and stress?  Please inquire as to how I may help.

Custom Essential Oil Consults:

For over 14 years, I have applied the 5 Element medical model of integrating therapeutic essential oils as part of my acupuncture treatments.   Now I am able to formulate a custom blend for you after our online consultation.

These pure, potent oils are a profound and non-toxic medicine that help you balance on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This essentially is a “needle-free” acupuncture treatment you can give to yourself.   You will receive clear instructions on a chart of where to apply this blend on your body.  See photos below for an example of this application.

During our consultation I will also offer holistic support with dietary and lifestyle suggestions along with herbal and supplement recommendations appropriate to what symptoms you are presenting. (Chinese herbs and certain supplements may be purchased through me at an extra cost.)

I truly wish to educate you on your options and to empower you along your path to wellness.


What is Involved?…

1. Purchase the Consultation in my Contact tab above.

2. Fill out the forms under First Time Paperwork tab above and email them to me:

Our appointment will be set up once I have received notification of your payment and an email from you with a picture of your tongue for diagnostic purposes and the required filled out forms:

 Health History Intake

 5 Element Questionnaire

Signed Informed Consent (please email it signed if able to do digital signatures,if not a photo of it suffices)

Photo of your tongue :  (stuck all the way out, first thing in the morning so I can see the tongue coat, color etc…  before teeth brushing or coffee).   If you have black spots on it, like Gemma, you may be part Chow:)





Initial Online Holistic Consultation:

This is a 30 minute skype or phone session when we review your health history intake and 5 Element Questionnaire.

After the consult, a custom oil blend with directions that will be sent to you via USPS.  A follow-up email will include a summary of suggestions and a dietary chart with specific recommendations.

30 minutes – $40        (Herbs and Supplements are an extra cost)  Please review my cancellation policy under FAQ

Follow-Up Online Holistic Consultation:

Includes check-in and offers more time to delve into other ways of support.

$1 a minute/ $20 minimum        (Herbs, Supplements and Essential Oils are an extra cost)


Custom Essential Oil Blends, includes USPS shipping

5ml bottle – 4oz sprays        $10-$50 varies.    Please contact me before ordering for details.