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Fall – Metal Classes

Fall – Metal Classes

This season’s classes will cover the METAL Element.  It corresponds to the Lungs: governs Rhythmic Order, Letting in and Letting Out, the Large Intestine: governs Transformation and Change, Autumn, the ‘Qi” – or energy of the body,  Capacity to Organize, Inspiration… to name a few of the aspects we will discuss.

Symptoms of METAL imbalance include: Allergies, Bronchitis, Dry Skin, Weak Immunity, Fatigue, Edema, Pain in shoulders and upper back, OCD, Self-Critique, Rigidity, Perfectionism and the Inability to Let Go.bimonthly-wellness-class-flyer-metal-fall-2016-v3

These classes will help you understand more about these physical, mental and emotional imbalances and how they are related to each of the 5 Elements, as well as an Element’s spiritual virtue and their “personality”.

Blair intends to share practical support to help you integrate these insights with seasonally appropriate herbs, foods, essential oils and life skills.  She will help you to learn to identify when an element is in balance, excessive, deficient or dysfunctional.

Please note Blair will not be diagnosing anyone, as a thorough intake is required, but will be able to offer suggestions when medically appropriate.

Hourly classes begin this month: the first Thursday 11/3 at 10:30 am and the second Wednesday, 11/9 at 5:30 pm.   Donations appreciated.  Bring writing materials if wish to take notes.


Server Specials to Release Stress

“SUPPORT for SERVERS” Special:

I worked in restaurants and cafes for over a decade before I went to get my Master’s.  Working without the safety net of sick days, paid leave or vacation, is a given in the industry.  It is so stressful to fear getting sick or injured and not being able to work… which then affects paying the bills.  From my own experience, the most creative and brilliant beings often choose this path to support their art, their dreams, their families.  Not to mention it is one of the most intensely challenging jobs as one serves and is in the middle of what one has no control of… not the food, the place, the moods of the customers… and yet, one’s “tips” are all about things lining up perfectly.  LOL – it is intense and I know sometimes we all just need some help to decompress and release those unhappy customers from our shoulders and neck!!!  I would love to offer some tools to the awesome folk whom have served me for 20 years in Santa Fe:


  1. Know what “herbal arsenal” to have on hand for the first signs and symptoms of sickness: I share which herbal formulas can assist your immunity vulnerabilities for colds, flus, strep, allergies, etc…  (Herbs sold for extra cost)
  2. Receive a list of foods which would be optimum for the season and your specific constitution.
  3. Learn about essential oils and how they can help you to unwind after work, and support your energy! (Oil blends extra cost)
  4. Release any ornery customer from your “field of energy”… lol sometimes it just builds up – right?!:)
  5. Support yourselves to be Stress-Free throughout the year.
  6. Text support for the above to BE WELL if see you once a month… help on demand, and possible house calls for treatments and herb drop offs.  (Depends on location and availability at that time)

“Affordable Alternative Healthcare” – Sliding Scale Support for Community

So I have decided that I wish to truly help those beings whom are slipping through the cracks of our healthcare and are unable to qualify for assistance programs…as they are too “well off” in their struggles to survive.   I get it!   Reach out and let me know what is going on and I will do my best to assist.  I am unable to offer any adjustments to herbs or essential oil costs as, well, they cost me money, however I am willing to support folks with my valued time and information. In that respect of our time – my cancellation and no show policy will apply.

I truly appreciate those whom can afford to pay my rates as they reflect what I feel my time is valued at.  I, too, have loans and overhead, but have been in dire scenarios and am so grateful to those whom helped me. I just wish to pay it forward, so to speak:)


Astrology Blogs I Love

Folks often ask how I know so much about the astrology – well, I take the time to read the following… most have subscription services.

Here is one of my favorite shamanic “monthly tune-in” sites…  always feels right on the current vibe in the collective and personally.  I appreciate such insights to assist me to bring more awareness into my life.

I also subscribe to these astrology insights.  Each offer different lens.  See what resonates for you – if any:)